Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Funny toddler habits

My little ones are so silly! They are playing together more and more and it just warms my heart. They have the best time just laughing at each other. One thing they do that brings us both some serious laughs is their love for pacis. Allyson and Austin love their pacis!

We figured out Austin sleeps a lot better if he has a binky in each hand. I had bought glow in the dark pacis and sprinkled them in his crib but he still had trouble finding them. One night we put him to bed and put pacis in his hands and BAM he magically sleeps better. Maybe it's lucky but it's working for now!

Yes, she has 3 binkys in her mouth.
(we were getting her out of her carseat when we took the picture so that's why the chest clip is so low. I don't want to send anyone into a panic) 
Allyson loves her pacis. We can't walk down the binky aisle at Target without her throwing a fit because she wants new ones. I know it's bad but it's cute at the same time. Oh and she calls hers a Ninny. We've started to talk about Ninny like it's a person. I do realize just how crazy I sound!

Oh and both kids do this flip with their pacis. Binky will be in their mouth and they will flip it aroound as if it was wrong in their mouth or something. It's too cute!

She knows the difference between her Austin's and she will not use his at all. We think Austin knows the difference but he likes hers. They are the same brand just different colors! If Ally leaves a paci on the floor it's like he has a sixth sense that goes off and he's drawn to it. He'll sit there with it in his mouth and yea... it's gross. He likes it. Ally hates it and we think it's funny.


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  1. It's so funny how the things we shouldn't really laugh at are sometimes the funniest things they do!


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