Friday, February 15, 2013

What's in Yo fridge?

I'm liking up with Holly today. She got a bunch of grief about her empty fridge so now she wants to see what's in everyone else's fridge so she can compare.

Here's our fridge

Yogurt We always have yogurt in our house. It's one of the only things Allyson will eat for sure. Conrad takes it to work too.

Left overs from the last night and the previous night. Conrad usually takes them to work but he's been working an earlier shift so he's having lunch at 9 AM. I guess he doesn't think raviolis taste good at nine in the morning.

Brownie pops - I made these last night for dessert

Eggs - for breakfast

Juice - For awhile Allyson refused to drink anything but water (and milk but only after eating her cereal) She will now drink more juice and milk but only if it's out of a straw. One day why wandering around Target I found an Apple Carrot juice box with Big Bird on it. She loves them!

Water Bottle - Allyson's water bottle

Ricotta cheese - I'm making stuffed shells for dinner this weekend.

Salad mix and cut up veggies - I'm trying to eat more veggies and less meat.


Left overs - I swear they are still good!

Cake - Aubrey and I made a valentine's cake yesterday for dessert.

In the drawer there is a few different kinds of  cheese, pepperoni, lunch meat.

Veggie drawer has lettuce, cucumbers, a few red bell peppers. Carmel dip for my apples. Good stuff.

The bottom drawer has a 1/2 pound of bacon in it.

My freezer is an awful mess. There is some bags of breast milk in there. Mostly bread and tortillas. A few small potions of dinners I froze for later. Probably a ton of stuff to be thrown out. There is also different little baby teethers in there.

That's it! Nothing special, maybe those brownie pops. Those were good!!

Go take a picture of your fridge and link of with Holly!



  1. You made brownie pops?! Go you! And Conrad must be starting work ghetto early to have lunch at 9am! Reminds me of my starbucks days.

  2. Brownie pops?! We need a recipe post on these. :)

  3. He was at work by like 5AM. Crazy early!

    They were crazy easy! I'll have to do a recipe post.


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