Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's in my diaper bag?

I just got a new diaper bag yesterday! My old one had some of the buttons come off and I wanted to make a bigger one but never got around to doing it. Busy much?  It was lame how incredible excited I was to get a new bag. I mean I hate lugging around a diaper bag but having a cute one really helps.

In the bag there is 3 cloth diapers, wet bag, wipes, and a changing pad. Extra binky for each kiddo. Austin's sippy cup on the side. A bottle and formula. Sanitizer. Boogie wipes. Have you tried these? I used to think it was a bunch of crap and refused to try them. I finally tried them and oh my! I'm a believer! Extra outfit for AJ.

Snacks galore! We have 2 food pouches, Ritz crackers, Happy Creamies (Austin LOVES these!!) Earth's Best Crunching Crackers (veggie and cheddar) Allyson loves that they are Sesame Street characters.

Mommy has to have a place for her stuff. I just toss my stuff in top pocket. My keys, iPhone, wallet.

Depends on where we are going and how long we are staying we will add`more snacks/diapers and/or extra clothes.

Nothing out of the ordinary. What's in your bag? Anything crazy?

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  1. Thanks for linking up! I have that same diaper bag. We haven't used it in awhile though. We won some Boogie Wipes and my 2 year old loves them! If I hadn't won them, I probably wouldn't have tried them, but they are really nice to have.


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