Friday, February 1, 2013

Dreaming about Fluff

Today I'm linking up with the Cloth Diaper Blog Hop from My Cloth Diaper Stash. The topic this week is Your top 5 Cloth Diaper wish list 

I wouldn't say I'm new to cloth diapering. I think I'm new to branching out and trying new diapers. Partly because I have plenty of diapers in my stash now and well, money. Gosh darn that money issue.  For now I enter give ways and look for super great deals and just dream of new fluff for my little ones bottoms.

I really don't know much about the bazillion cloth diapers brands out there. In the beginning I was watching Youtube videos and mommas were throwing names and I was like overwhelmed, like whoa.  I mostly wanted cute diapers and to save money.

So I just look on Facebook and Etsy and just drool.

There is this small/newborn Hello Kitty diaper that I just want to snuggle with. It's so cute. Plus, Aubrey likes it a lot too.

I reallly want this diaper for Austin to wear at his first birthday party.

and how perfect would a SF 49ers diaper be for this weekend? Or any Sunday??

Dino diaper for Austin.

I want to have diapers for each holiday. I know, I know that sounds so crazy {Conrad has told me mulitple times how crazy I sound} but if I could have that, that's what I'd want. I just really want more prints in my stash. I just have a couple and everything else is a solid color.

I don't really have anything saved because I know we can't buy anything more right now. I just look and dream. I've been looking at training pants for Allyson. I think we are going to start potty training soon. She's starting to care about the potty some what. I can't believe this time is coming. I'm definitely looking forward to  not changing her but not the process of potty training. Hopefully she will surprise me and be crazy easy to potty train.


  1. There are too many cute diapers out there, especially by WAHM. I am just too cheap and too chicken to take the plunge. Most of them are so expensive and I am afraid of them not working out.

  2. If Heidi from a year ago could see you now..... ;) Jk love ya

  3. I should be getting my first batch of fluff today!! I am so excited, I hate that we are at the end of UPS routes! Thanks for all your helpful messages and text, your love for them is really what got me to brave this new adventure!!

  4. i love all the custom diapers.. super cute.


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