Thursday, February 14, 2013

Best App ever!

So I'm a sucker for all of the adorable things Aubrey makes me. In the last week she has made me like 95 valentines related things and that's just at home. She brings a ton of cute stuff home from school too.
The problem is that she wants me to save each and every picture she makes me. I want to save them too but I can't. I tried to contain it on the refrigerator and in a notebook but by October that notebook was over flowing!

I felt so guilty about throwing things away. I had to do it in secret because when she would see something in the trash she would ask. I tried telling her that I didn't have enough room on the fridge or in the book. "But Mom this is special."

Awww ... How could I throw anything away?!?

One day on good ol' Pinterest I found Artkive. It was the answer to my problem. I'm able to take a picture of the art work or worksheet, write a little bit about it and file it away. Perfect! It's organized by date. I can share her work with Conrad, my mom or his parents. You can add multiple kids so even Allyson's art goes in there. I feel so much better having it tucked away and organized. She even loves being able to get on and look through her work.

Oh plus you can turn their art into a book or what have you. How cool is that?!!

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