Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

Sheesh I have all these pictures that need to be posted from Christmas Eve and Christmas. C'mon Heidi get your ducks in a row! 

Christmas Eve morning we went to Conrad's Dad's house. We celebrate Christmas with everyone. 
We tried to take pictures of the kids with the grandparents and my sweet little Allyson didn't want to look at the camera. You are surprised aren't you?? Papa even tried to get Bailey in the picture to try to get a nice picture. Silly Papa!! 

We opened up our new Christmas jammies

We had famliy over for dinner and had yummy Chicken tortilla soup. We played games. The kids ran around the house while the grown ups played. It was just perfect. It was crazy loud. Kids and adults. It was perfect just like you expect Christmas Eve to be. 

We put reindeer food out for Santa's reindeer. 

Cookies and milk out for Santa. 

When we put Allyson to bed we read the Christmas story out of the children's bible with her and put her to sleep. 

Then we read the story of Jesus' birth again out of my bible with Aubrey and Austin in the living room. Aubrey listened and after we asked her what she thought about it. She said it's so weird how long that one is! :) 

After the babes went to bed it was time to get wrapping. I always wait until Christmas Eve to wrap. I love and hate it at the same time. It's so fun but oh man such pressure. This year I stayed up wrapping until midnight. I ran out of tape. Who does that?? I thought I had enough but nope. Off to Walgreens I went. Later I found out that I would have had enough tape but my love little sisters use entirely TOO much tape when they wrap. Silly girls!! 

Well nap time is over. I can hear the little ones calling me. 

 Hopefully I'll get my Christmas post up soon. 

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  1. Conrad really looks like his dad! And that bottom left picture of Ally in the collage is really cute. There is something about it, she looks super grown up or something.


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