Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

What a morning we had!

Austin and Allyson were up early. My usual early riser ... was sleeping. Conrad had a headache so he said to wake him up when Aubrey woke up. I was out here with Austin, Allyson and my sisters and we were all DYING to open these gifts! I couldn't stand it any more and went in at 7:00 and woke Aubrey up. Can you really blame me??

We opened up our stockings and Allyson wanted nothing to do that and asked to have some cereal. So she happily sat at the table eating her Cheerios while we opened up our stockings. Santa brought Austin some new binkys. Aubrey got a ton of candy and Allyson got a flashlight and some random things.

We opened up gifts youngest to oldest. Aubrey was so patient. Waiting while we took a million pictures of Austin shaking, banging and chewing on his gift. She waited while Allyson refused to open her gifts and went into her room to pout. Who is this girl?? What girl doesn't like to open up presents?? Aubrey had fun helping her baby brother and sister open their presents. Both girls helped clean up the giant paper mess. They enjoyed their new gifts. Austin just loved the excitement, the lights and he just looked like he enjoyed all of us together.

We headed off to Kathy's for bunch. Conrad's head was still bothering him so he laid down for a bit. He ended up sleeping for a while and his head felt a little bit better. FInished up opening presents with everyone. Watched the kids run around screaming with excitement. Conrad went upstairs and napped with Allyson. I napped for a bit with Austin. We enjoyed dinner and dessert. We played Catch Phrase while the girls watched Veggie Tales. Christmas had it's bumps but it was a nice day with family.

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  1. Are you wearing Christmas pjs too?!? I love it! And the thing about kids and Christmas, they are still their unpredictable selves. Connor was in such a bad mood when we were celebrating with Ian's family. We just kept on going and let him to his own thing.


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