Wednesday, January 23, 2013

100 days of school

We did it. We both have survived 100 days of school. She hasn't missed a day or been late, yet. We've came close to being late.

Part of her homework this weekend was to bring in 100 items to school. We found some pink marshmallows that were left over from Christmas. 

Aubrey was quite the stinker Tuesday morning. She cried that the sun was in her eyes. It's too cold out here for pictures. It was cold but come on Aubrey, she was just a mess! Thankfully she pulled it together before dropping her off at school.

She came home with a necklace that had 100 pieces of fruit loops on it. They counted 100 pennies. They took 100 steps. She didn't really tell me much else. The not remembering is becoming more of a trend lately. She makes me pry it out of her. I'm totally dreading the teen years. She's going to be a bunch of emotional fun!

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