Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 months

1) How old is your baby?
10 months old

2) Stats
: 20 pounds even
Clothing size: 12 months some 12-18 months in there too

Diaper size: cloths on size medium
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

3) Are they

Teething: He has 4 teeth on top 2 bottom
Talking: Dada, bababa and not too often mama. He's will copy things you do. He coughs if you cough. You scream, he screams.
Rolling: he's a rolling machine.
Crawling: He's not crawling on all 4s and not really army crawling. He's kinda scooting around using his feet to push where he is wanting to go.
Walking: No way!

4) What they like

Toys: He has a remote control he LOVES
Books: Just about anything we read to the girls.
Song: Pat a cake. He claps his hands and smiles so big while we sing.
Anything else you want to add: He is just a big goof. He will smile for anyone. He's a pretty happy little guy

5) What they dislike: He doesn't really like to be alone. 

Ways they like to be soothed: The same rocking, shhh-ing and patting. He definitely knows when he wants his mommy.
6) How are they sleeping? Praise God he's sleeping pretty well. He'll go down around 7:30/8:00 and sleep until about midnight. Gets up another time or two then up like clock work at 6:30AM.
7) How are they feeding? He's pretty much given up nursing during the day. He gets a bottle before bed. (I think that's what has helped him sleep longer. He eats about 4-5 ounces and I think that is more than he was getting from nursing) He eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's a mix of pureed food and people food (as Aubrey calls it) 

8) Nicknames – Bubbas , bubby, Austin Boston (Aubrey) AJ and A3 in texts
9) What are you looking forward to the next month? His little personality is just coming out. He's such a cuddlebug. He's goofy. He loves his sisters. The bond that he has with Allyson just makes my heart happy.

10) How are you handling Motherhood?

Likes: I really love watching him grow. I love the connection that I have with him. That mother/son bond is just so special.

Dislikes: I miss that it's really going by so quickly.

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  1. I think it's so funny that we both have an AJ that we call Bubbas or Bubby!!


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