Sunday, December 16, 2012

Show and Tell {Christmas Talk}

I'm linking up this week with Becky for her show and tell blog 

1. Tell us what your favorite thing about Christmas is.

I love being with family. Being together. Watching the kids enjoy the magic of Christmas. Seeing their excitement. Celebrating the birth of our Savior.  Christmas is the day that Conrad proposed to me so it's always a special thing to remember for me. There is just something about Christmas Day. It's like the longest day but in a good way. 

2. Tell us what your plans are for Christmas this year.
We will be celebrating with Conrad's Dad on Christmas Eve Day. Hopefully making it to church for the Christmas Eve service. Christmas morning opening presents here at home. Playing with all of the fun new things. Dinner with my Conrad's Mom and family and my Mom and sisters. 

 3. Show us a picture of Christmas in the past. Or present.

4. Do you wrap your presents all in one box, or do you like wrap each present separately?
Separately. It's just more fun that way!! 

5. Tell us about any special traditions that you or you and your family like to do.
This year we started the Elf of the Shelf. It's been so much fun!! Aubrey gets a kick out of looking for her. Allyson is starting to notice her. I can't wait for next year when she will hopefully care a little bit more! 
This year I also wrapped 25 Christmas/Winter books. That's been a lot of fun. I started a little late on the book train. We didn't have 25 books so I headed to the library and got some. Score!! 
We have an advent calendar.
We go church on Christmas Eve. 
Make ginger bread houses
The kids get Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.  We leave milk and cookies out for Santa
Cookie decorating. 

It's been so fun watching the girls enjoy the Christmas season. I cannot wait to see their faces Christmas morning. I cannot believe Christmas is in 8 days!! We decorated gingerbread houses Sunday. Hopefully we will be baking and decorating cookies this week!! Aubrey's winter break starts tomorrow so we will have lots of time to get things done. 


  1. Sounds like we have a lot of the same traditions! I forgot to add we make a Gingerbread house each year as well! OMG we got a Elf this year and he has been so much fun! I love watching Kelcee wake up and run to see where he has landed next! Really puts the magic in Christmas! We bake fresh cookies for Santa on Christmas eve too! I think I forgot to put that one too lol, I will have to go back and add it ha! What a cute post, cute blog and cute family! Thanks for sharing!


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