Monday, December 10, 2012

Reading Club

I am one proud momma. 

A couple weeks ago Aubrey made it into reading club at school. 
To get into Kindergarten Reading Club she had to 

-Know all the letter names
-know all the letter sounds 
-read 20 words

The first student in each class to get into the club recieves a free shirt. Others that make it in have the chance to buy the shirt. My smartie pants was the first in her class to make it in! 

She wanted me to get the chalk board and take pictures with it. 
The club is actually called Be Excited About Reading or BEAR club for short. So that's why it says Bear club girl. 

I'm so proud of her. She can read so many words. It's amazing that she's in kindergarten and reading already. She tries to sound out words and spell words all the time. 

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