Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paula the Polar Bear

I'm seriously so behind on stuff it's ridicious and to top things off. My charger for both Conrad's computer and mine aren't working so after this catch up post my battery will probably be pretty close to dead and then no laptops until we get a new charger. Hopefully this weekend. Hello Amazon's 2 day shippin! 


We went to a pajama party story time at the mall. I thought it was going to be a lot different than it was. Apparently the Mall has partnered with National Geographic and will be doing something each month and this month was Polar Bears. I couldn't hear what was being said even though she was using a microphone, it was really muffled. So the kids watched this video on Polar Bears and I really don't think that many kids understood or followed along with it. It just didn't seem like it fit with the program that was advertised. Maybe I just had a different idea of what they would be doing. 

After the video they read a story. Aubrey and Cianna managed to wiggle their way to the front. (Probably because it was hard to hear the story.)  

Allyson had no desire to even participate what so ever. 
You are totally surprised by this right? Me too.

Austin was just so go with the flow. 

Afterward they pushed made their way to some tables and chairs for a couple crafts and a polar bear cookie and milk. There was absolutely NO room for me to squeeze and even be by Aubrey let along bring the double stroller over too. So I watched from afar while Aubrey was frustrated with the craft that they just passed out. It was one from Oriental Trading and it just wasn't something a 5 year old could do without help and again I was too far away to help. She didn't seem to mind though. 

Ryder and Austin being such good sports. 

Meeting Paula the Polar bear

After the craft people were able to make a line to get a gift from Paula. You would have thought that they were in line for bags of money. People pushing little kids out of the way all over a stuffed animal. Thankfully my sister was able to be in line so Aubrey wasn't pushed around. 

Aubrey and Cianna with their new bears

Allyson was pretty cute. I was taking Aubrey and Cianna's picture and she tried to sneak in. But when I asked her to stand with the big girls she walked away. Stinker!! 

Allyson watched Aubrey like a hawk and copies just about anything she does. Aubrey was spinning around with her bear and little Bug started to spin too. It was just too sweet. 

Austin even got a bear too. 

Austin and Ryder with their bears. 

Both Stephanie and I weren't too thrilled with the set up of things. It doesn't seem like it was planned out too well. Like the placing of the tables. The spacing of the tables.  There were a lot of other parents that weren't able to go near their big kid because they had their stroller and weren't able to squeeze their way in either. Thankfully none of that matter to Aubrey and she said she had a fun time and LOVES her new bear. 

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  1. I am pretty sure Connor and Ally need to be better friends. They could be little rebels together!

    And since you always seem to be in the know about kid events in town, how do you find out about them?


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