Friday, November 30, 2012

More sickness

Ahh the joys of motherhood.
My sweet little Austin is sick.
His tummy has been bugging him for the last week but he wasn't too much out of his normal. Still eating like normal. He's been warm not too hot. Last night he woke up super hot. Motrin didn't help his fever & he had this yucky cough all all of a sudden. He wasn't acting normal. Just kinda laying in my arms. No interest in eating even though he should have been starving. Just not himself. So Conrad & I both decided to take him to the ER. This is my first trip taking any of my kids.

Wouldn't you know as soon as we get to the ER this silly boy cools down, starts perking up a bit. Of course right?

My little guy waiting to be called in.

His ears, throat, and lungs were clear. He just had a fever of 102. So they gave him some Tylenol & wanted his fever to go down before we left. We waited & held my cranky little boy. People in the Emergency Room are ... Interesting. There was a drink guy who sounds like he was a regular there. He smelled like he bathed in beer. Yuck! Crazy loud people on their phones. Just fun with a sick little one. Austin's temp finally got to 100.4 & we were able to go home. They said its just something going around. I'm praying Allyson & Aubrey don't get whatever he might have.

He slept ok last night considering how he was feeling so bad. Today he's been asleep in my arms most of the day. He's nursed a few times but mostly just sleeping. Kinda scared for tonight. & he gets sick of course the week that we were getting him out of my arms for nap & bed. He took a teeny nap in his PNP this afternoon while I laid Allyson down.

When he's up he's not happy.

When he's asleep he's a sweet little angel.

I'm hoping all this sleep helps him feel better.

On a side note our Elf is making her debut tomorrow!!! Yay!!

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  1. :( No fun. Did they test him for anything? Praying he gets better fast and the girls don't catch it.


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