Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clifford the Big Red Dog

A few weeks back I had heard that Clifford the Big Red Dog was going to be at the library. I thought what a perfect little trip to make with Aubrey since she loves Clifford books and the TV show on PBS. 

The line was a crazy messy line. They had a book fair going on so it was weaving in and around the tables with books. It just was a lot going on. Luckily it didn't take too long to get to see Clifford. Right before our turn one of the volunteers had said something to Aubs about wearing a kitty hat to see a dog. Aubrey ripped her beanie of quickly. It was too funny. We reminded her that Clifford is a friendly dog and likes everyone including kitties so she put her beanie back on (thankfully because he hair was a MESS!) 

She loves meeting Clifford and giving him a hug. 

When we were leaving we stopped at the children's library and picked up a few Thanksgiving books. We were leaving and she told me that she had the best time EVER! It was sweet that something so simple brought her such great joy!

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