Friday, November 16, 2012

Austin's 6 month appointment

I have like 5 posts that are just of pictures that I've been waiting to be able to sit down and be able to write about. Silly Heidi. You have no time and your son loves you so much that he doesn't want to be put down. This makes typing at the computer difficult. So I think I'm just going to post them because I have pictures from Allyson's birthday and her party I want to post too.

 On October 18th Austin had his 6 month appointment. (I told you I was behind!)
I'm such a great mom I have his stats from the appointment in a safe place. So safe I can't find it!! 
He actually slowed down his weight. He didn't gain as much as I was thinking he did. 

Austin got his shots and he didn't do well afterwards. He had a fever for days and then when he finally got better from his shots poor guy got a cold from big sister Allyson. Yay for sharing germs. 

Here's my little guy before his shots.

He LOVED crinkling the paper


  1. LOVE the yellow diaper! When you take Austin in for his appointments, do they ask about his diapers? Every time I take Isla in, they ask all sorts of questions.

  2. You know they do always say stuff about his diapers. One time they asked how often I changed him in a day. Umm I change him when he needs to be and his bottom is just fine. It's not like it was red or anything ya know?


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