Monday, November 26, 2012

Austin is 8 months

How old is baby? 8 months 

Doctor’s appointments?:  January 2013 




Clothes size: He's in 9-12 or 12 month clothes

Diaper size: He's in cloth but if he needs a sposie it's size 3 

Hair color: Light blonde

Anything else?


Verbal skills: He loves to scream. Just kinda babble. He will have little conversations. He will babble and wait for you to talk. Then he will talk some more. So fun. 

Teething: He finally got his top two teeth. A total of 4 teeth now. 

Rolling: All over the place. 

Crawling: Not crawling yet. He's Still doing that rock on his knees thing. He kind rolls and twists his body where he needs to go.

Things he likes: He likes attention of any kind. Singing, clapping, or tickling this boy loves it. He smiles so big. He loves bath time too. 

Things he dislikes: Currently he doesn't like it if he's not glued to my hip or sitting in my lap.

Sleeping: He is a pretty crummy sleeper. We are working on it though. He ends up sleeping with me most nights.  Naps in my arms. Yes we are working on all of this. 

Eating: He eats 1-2 meals a day then nurses every few hours. He eat oatmeal and fruit every morning and usually a veggie in the afternoon. This boy loves to eat!! He still will not take a bottle. 

Nicknames: Bubba, Brother, hubba bubba and AJ 

Things we’re looking forward to next month: I cannot wait for Christmas!! Can't wait to watch him watch everyone  and everything around him. 

How I like motherhood: There are it's ups and downs and the ups make all the downs worth every single difficult second. I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass.

Likes: I like having them all together on floor just being together. I love seeing him look at his sisters. It makes me so excited for the future. 

Dislikes: Lack of sleep. He's up a lot at night.  I was getting more sleep when he was a newborn. He will only nap if he's held. It's hard to get things done when he's attached to me. Then I struggle with trying to enjoy him sleeping on me because I know he's not going to be little forever. Ugh, that mommy guilt kills me!! 

Here's my sweet prince who turned 8 months on  Thanksgiving Day! 


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