Monday, November 26, 2012

Allyson's Elmo Party

This year we had an Elmo party for Allyson. I was busy weeks before her party cricutting decorations. Look at how cute they  came out!! 

There were lots of Elmos, Mr. Noodles and Dorthorys around the house.

My sister curled Aubrey's hair. She looked so darn adorable. 

Allyson was quite the party pooper. She didn't want to play any of the games. We had the kids dance to the Elmo Slide. Allyson loves this song and was a stinker and didn't want to dance. We played another game and she wanted nothing to do with it. 

Opening presents was a little better but not by much. She was having fun doing her thing. 

It was time for cupcakes! 
I made some Elmo cupcakes. 

It was all good until we sang happy birthday and she lost it. She HATED it. Cried like someone was hurting her. It was both funny and sad. Poor thing. We gave her the cupcake and she said "Eww!" She wanted nothing to do with frosting. What kid doesn't like frosting?? Allyson of all little kids. 

We had fun celebrating our little bug. I can't believe she's two and we have survived those first two years. 


  1. Go you doing all the decorations! I love the I am 2 banner! And those kids, they always seem to do what we don't want them to do!

  2. Thanks! I love the I am 2 one too. It's my favorite and i hated taking it down. I think I'm going to put it in her room so I can see it for a bit longer.


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