Friday, November 30, 2012

More sickness

Ahh the joys of motherhood.
My sweet little Austin is sick.
His tummy has been bugging him for the last week but he wasn't too much out of his normal. Still eating like normal. He's been warm not too hot. Last night he woke up super hot. Motrin didn't help his fever & he had this yucky cough all all of a sudden. He wasn't acting normal. Just kinda laying in my arms. No interest in eating even though he should have been starving. Just not himself. So Conrad & I both decided to take him to the ER. This is my first trip taking any of my kids.

Wouldn't you know as soon as we get to the ER this silly boy cools down, starts perking up a bit. Of course right?

My little guy waiting to be called in.

His ears, throat, and lungs were clear. He just had a fever of 102. So they gave him some Tylenol & wanted his fever to go down before we left. We waited & held my cranky little boy. People in the Emergency Room are ... Interesting. There was a drink guy who sounds like he was a regular there. He smelled like he bathed in beer. Yuck! Crazy loud people on their phones. Just fun with a sick little one. Austin's temp finally got to 100.4 & we were able to go home. They said its just something going around. I'm praying Allyson & Aubrey don't get whatever he might have.

He slept ok last night considering how he was feeling so bad. Today he's been asleep in my arms most of the day. He's nursed a few times but mostly just sleeping. Kinda scared for tonight. & he gets sick of course the week that we were getting him out of my arms for nap & bed. He took a teeny nap in his PNP this afternoon while I laid Allyson down.

When he's up he's not happy.

When he's asleep he's a sweet little angel.

I'm hoping all this sleep helps him feel better.

On a side note our Elf is making her debut tomorrow!!! Yay!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Paula the Polar Bear

I'm seriously so behind on stuff it's ridicious and to top things off. My charger for both Conrad's computer and mine aren't working so after this catch up post my battery will probably be pretty close to dead and then no laptops until we get a new charger. Hopefully this weekend. Hello Amazon's 2 day shippin! 


We went to a pajama party story time at the mall. I thought it was going to be a lot different than it was. Apparently the Mall has partnered with National Geographic and will be doing something each month and this month was Polar Bears. I couldn't hear what was being said even though she was using a microphone, it was really muffled. So the kids watched this video on Polar Bears and I really don't think that many kids understood or followed along with it. It just didn't seem like it fit with the program that was advertised. Maybe I just had a different idea of what they would be doing. 

After the video they read a story. Aubrey and Cianna managed to wiggle their way to the front. (Probably because it was hard to hear the story.)  

Allyson had no desire to even participate what so ever. 
You are totally surprised by this right? Me too.

Austin was just so go with the flow. 

Afterward they pushed made their way to some tables and chairs for a couple crafts and a polar bear cookie and milk. There was absolutely NO room for me to squeeze and even be by Aubrey let along bring the double stroller over too. So I watched from afar while Aubrey was frustrated with the craft that they just passed out. It was one from Oriental Trading and it just wasn't something a 5 year old could do without help and again I was too far away to help. She didn't seem to mind though. 

Ryder and Austin being such good sports. 

Meeting Paula the Polar bear

After the craft people were able to make a line to get a gift from Paula. You would have thought that they were in line for bags of money. People pushing little kids out of the way all over a stuffed animal. Thankfully my sister was able to be in line so Aubrey wasn't pushed around. 

Aubrey and Cianna with their new bears

Allyson was pretty cute. I was taking Aubrey and Cianna's picture and she tried to sneak in. But when I asked her to stand with the big girls she walked away. Stinker!! 

Allyson watched Aubrey like a hawk and copies just about anything she does. Aubrey was spinning around with her bear and little Bug started to spin too. It was just too sweet. 

Austin even got a bear too. 

Austin and Ryder with their bears. 

Both Stephanie and I weren't too thrilled with the set up of things. It doesn't seem like it was planned out too well. Like the placing of the tables. The spacing of the tables.  There were a lot of other parents that weren't able to go near their big kid because they had their stroller and weren't able to squeeze their way in either. Thankfully none of that matter to Aubrey and she said she had a fun time and LOVES her new bear. 

Clifford the Big Red Dog

A few weeks back I had heard that Clifford the Big Red Dog was going to be at the library. I thought what a perfect little trip to make with Aubrey since she loves Clifford books and the TV show on PBS. 

The line was a crazy messy line. They had a book fair going on so it was weaving in and around the tables with books. It just was a lot going on. Luckily it didn't take too long to get to see Clifford. Right before our turn one of the volunteers had said something to Aubs about wearing a kitty hat to see a dog. Aubrey ripped her beanie of quickly. It was too funny. We reminded her that Clifford is a friendly dog and likes everyone including kitties so she put her beanie back on (thankfully because he hair was a MESS!) 

She loves meeting Clifford and giving him a hug. 

When we were leaving we stopped at the children's library and picked up a few Thanksgiving books. We were leaving and she told me that she had the best time EVER! It was sweet that something so simple brought her such great joy!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Austin is 8 months

How old is baby? 8 months 

Doctor’s appointments?:  January 2013 




Clothes size: He's in 9-12 or 12 month clothes

Diaper size: He's in cloth but if he needs a sposie it's size 3 

Hair color: Light blonde

Anything else?


Verbal skills: He loves to scream. Just kinda babble. He will have little conversations. He will babble and wait for you to talk. Then he will talk some more. So fun. 

Teething: He finally got his top two teeth. A total of 4 teeth now. 

Rolling: All over the place. 

Crawling: Not crawling yet. He's Still doing that rock on his knees thing. He kind rolls and twists his body where he needs to go.

Things he likes: He likes attention of any kind. Singing, clapping, or tickling this boy loves it. He smiles so big. He loves bath time too. 

Things he dislikes: Currently he doesn't like it if he's not glued to my hip or sitting in my lap.

Sleeping: He is a pretty crummy sleeper. We are working on it though. He ends up sleeping with me most nights.  Naps in my arms. Yes we are working on all of this. 

Eating: He eats 1-2 meals a day then nurses every few hours. He eat oatmeal and fruit every morning and usually a veggie in the afternoon. This boy loves to eat!! He still will not take a bottle. 

Nicknames: Bubba, Brother, hubba bubba and AJ 

Things we’re looking forward to next month: I cannot wait for Christmas!! Can't wait to watch him watch everyone  and everything around him. 

How I like motherhood: There are it's ups and downs and the ups make all the downs worth every single difficult second. I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass.

Likes: I like having them all together on floor just being together. I love seeing him look at his sisters. It makes me so excited for the future. 

Dislikes: Lack of sleep. He's up a lot at night.  I was getting more sleep when he was a newborn. He will only nap if he's held. It's hard to get things done when he's attached to me. Then I struggle with trying to enjoy him sleeping on me because I know he's not going to be little forever. Ugh, that mommy guilt kills me!! 

Here's my sweet prince who turned 8 months on  Thanksgiving Day! 


Allyson's Elmo Party

This year we had an Elmo party for Allyson. I was busy weeks before her party cricutting decorations. Look at how cute they  came out!! 

There were lots of Elmos, Mr. Noodles and Dorthorys around the house.

My sister curled Aubrey's hair. She looked so darn adorable. 

Allyson was quite the party pooper. She didn't want to play any of the games. We had the kids dance to the Elmo Slide. Allyson loves this song and was a stinker and didn't want to dance. We played another game and she wanted nothing to do with it. 

Opening presents was a little better but not by much. She was having fun doing her thing. 

It was time for cupcakes! 
I made some Elmo cupcakes. 

It was all good until we sang happy birthday and she lost it. She HATED it. Cried like someone was hurting her. It was both funny and sad. Poor thing. We gave her the cupcake and she said "Eww!" She wanted nothing to do with frosting. What kid doesn't like frosting?? Allyson of all little kids. 

We had fun celebrating our little bug. I can't believe she's two and we have survived those first two years. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Night randoms

It's been what feels like forever since I'm sat down and typed ANYTHING. Austin is asleep in his bed for now so here are some just random thoughts

1. We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We went to my MIL like usual. Ate yummy food and just hung out with family. The girls running around and Austin just hanging out with who ever will hold him and possibly give him some food.

2. Austin is a really crummy sleeper. He has good night and then bad nights. More bad than good. I keep trying to remind myself that this is just a season but it's really wearing me down.

3. We put or Christmas tree up yesterday along with some other decorations. We decorated the tree this afternoon and I just love it. I love our fake tree, it's so pretty.

4. Conrad and I did some Christmas shopping on Friday. We weren't hardcore and out at midnight or even 6AM but we did some shopping. We did more today and we are pretty much finished with the kiddos. Just need some stocking stuffers. YAY!

5. I  can't wait to start a new tradition this year Elf on the Shelf. I'm way too excited. I've been pinning stuff like crazy, sorry friends.  I know Aubrey is just going to love it. I even bought our elf a little skirt! I think we are going to do it a little differently though. Not reporting  I think our elf will be arriving on December 1st. I can't wait!!

So I guess sleep and Christmas are all that's really on my mind. lol. I'm off to go plan what our little elf is going to do each night. Here's a picture of my little guy at Target with us on Friday.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had such fun on Halloween this year.

Aubrey was Rapuntzel from Tangled. Aubrey looked so stinkin cute. She acted like such a diva when ever she had that dress on. She lived in it the days after Halloween too.

Allyson was a bumblebee but she wasn't to thrilled at having me take her picture. So I have a couple blurry ones, a few of the top of her head because she wouldn't look at me while I was holding the camera and a million of her back side!

Doing some trick or treating during the day

Trick or treat fun at church!

We tried to get a picture of me and the three ... it wasn't working.

Allyson had the BEST time in the jump house. She would just jump and fall and just laugh and laugh. Such a sweet sound. She was in there for the last 15-20 minutes of the church event just her by herself. She was in heaven! I hated having to crawl in there and get her out.

Aubrey and Cianna racing on the trikes

Such a fun filled day!!

Austin 7 months

Well seeing how Austin is almost 8 months old. I thought I should post his 7 month picture. My poor guy wasn't feeling good can you tell? He just had his shots days before and then got Allyson's sickness on to of teething hardcore. He was just miserable. My little trooper. 
I'm looking forward to taking his picture on Thursday in his Thanksgiving shirt I should be making right now instead of trying to get things caught up. :) 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Here's the pics from our pumpkin carving night. 

Aubrey had a lot of fun. She actually hung around and helped from start to finish. 
Allyson helped pull some of the seeds out and then checked out and wanted to play with the outside toys. Austin checked out the pumpkins and then cried and went inside with my mom. It was a fun night! 

Austin's 6 month appointment

I have like 5 posts that are just of pictures that I've been waiting to be able to sit down and be able to write about. Silly Heidi. You have no time and your son loves you so much that he doesn't want to be put down. This makes typing at the computer difficult. So I think I'm just going to post them because I have pictures from Allyson's birthday and her party I want to post too.

 On October 18th Austin had his 6 month appointment. (I told you I was behind!)
I'm such a great mom I have his stats from the appointment in a safe place. So safe I can't find it!! 
He actually slowed down his weight. He didn't gain as much as I was thinking he did. 

Austin got his shots and he didn't do well afterwards. He had a fever for days and then when he finally got better from his shots poor guy got a cold from big sister Allyson. Yay for sharing germs. 

Here's my little guy before his shots.

He LOVED crinkling the paper