Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 9

So I guess we are never going to stop taking weekly pictures. Aubrey loves going out into the lawn and holding up the silly chalk board. My neighbors probably think I'm nuts.

Aubrey came home yesterday with a note from her teacher saying that she wrote her numbers 0-20. YAY!! At school they have 2 different clubs. One is a Math Club and the other a Reading Club. They have certain things you have to do in order to be apart of it. It's different for each grade level. Aubrey said that her teacher has tested her on 2 of the levels and she passed both. One more! The first student in each class to make it in gets a free shirt. Aubrey said she wants to be first.

She was also telling me that at the end of the month at the "dessembly"her teacher is going to be talking about her...on the class calendar the assemblies are for student of the month. I need to talk to her teacher to see if that's what she's talking about or if Aubrey is just making it up.

Aubrey also has her first field trip coming up. You guessed it to the pumpkin patch!! She is so darn excited to ride a bus. Let me tell you that the thought of her leaving school and riding a bus some where makes my tummy turn. I know she'll be great, Mommy won't be!

Parent/teacher conferences are coming up. Is it weird that I'm excited? I don't know why. I've seen how she is in class. I know she's doing great but .. I don't know. I'm excited. I'm weird. What can I say?

Her book order came in on Monday and we have been reading all her new books like crazy. Sooo fun. I'm glad she enjoys reading, trying to read and being read too. We even have Allyson join in on a nightly bedtime story. It's so fun.

Well enough rambles ...

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