Saturday, October 27, 2012

First field trip

Aubrey had her first field trip ever, she got to the pumpkin patch! She was excited. She was going to the farm that we have visited in years past with MOPS. This trip was different because she was going to be riding the school bus. That's one thing she's looked forward to doing since school started. {She thought she was going to be riding the bus to school.}

All ready to go in her cute little Halloween shirt.

While Aubrey was off to the pumpkin patch, I thought it would be fun to head to a different pumpkin patch with the littles. Ok, I honestly was freaking out and wanted to drive behind the buses and hang out at the pumpkin and keep my eye on her, so this was the next best idea.

Little Sis was sporting her Halloween shirt too.

 Poor little Austin was not feeling well this trip. He HATED the corn pit.

Allyson loved mattress jumping with Seth.

Allyson loved checking out the cows.

Some more mattress bouncing.

I think it was a successful pumpkin patch trip.

We were all excited to see sister's bus pull into the driveway.

Aubrey had a great first field trip and the best part?

You guessed it, the bus ride. :)

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