Monday, October 8, 2012

23/30 {Hobbies}

23. List your top 3 hobbies and why you love them.

 Oh how I really love to be able to do something crafty. If it's cutting with my Cricut, using the hot glue gun or sewing with my Singer it all just makes me happy (for the most part). I love having that me time and having something to show for it after. 

Being Mamarazzi 
I love love love taking pictures of my kids. I love capturing little moments, big moments and silly ones. Whether it's with my big camera or just with my iPhone I can't seem to not snap a picture of someone. I love having pictures that they can look back on remember that moment in time. 

 I do enjoy reading but after Allyson has been born it's been hard actually sitting down to read. I felt like I never had time. When really I was just too tired to ever remember what I read. I am still tired all the time but I have decided to get back into it. My current read is Shepherding a Child's Heart

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  1. it! I am the same way! And way to go getting back into reading. I haven't since I had Connor. And I used to devour books in like 2 days.


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