Friday, October 5, 2012

23 months

Monthly Survey

How old? 23 months

  1. Doctor’s appointments?: November 5, 2012
  2. Stats?
    1. Weight:  
    2. Height: 
    3. Clothes size: 2T and 3T depending on brands. Shoes are 6 
    4. Diaper size: Mix of cloth and size 5 when she's in the sposies
    5. Hair color: Dirty blonde
    6. Anything else?
  3. Milestones:
    1. Teething: She has days where she's a drool monster. I think it might be those darn 2 year molars but she won't let me look in her mouth.
    2. Talking: So much more!! It's crazy. She's putting words together. She's actually TRYing to say things when you ask her. 
      1. New words: Aubwee, foos (shoes) Side (outside)
    3. Anything else? She can jump and LOVES to do it. She gets this super proud look on her face after she does it. 
  4. Things she likes:
    1. Toys: Just about anything. Seriously her favorite thing is a toilet paper or paper towel roll. She loves looking through them and talking into them. Cracks her up!
    2. Books: She's not too interested in actually sitting and listening to the books. She likes looking through the books and turning the pages. 
    3. Songs: She likes anything as long as you make it silly. 
    4. TV Shows/Movies: Little Einstein's, Elmo, SuperWHY, and Doc McStuffin
    5. Other Activities: Coloring with Aubrey
  5. Things she dislikes: She's a little stinker. She will still get upset if Aubrey gets too close to what she's playing with. Or something that she put down. She's not very good at sharing. 
  6. Sleeping: She's a good sleeper. There was a few times she was waking up in the middle of the night but would go back to sleep after a hug from Mommy. Yes, it had to be Mommy. She wakes up before 7 every day usually right after 6AM. 
  7. Eating: She's become quite the picky eater. 
    1. Favorite Foods: Yogurt, cheese (if it's shredded) bananas, cheerios and crackers. 
    2. Not so Favorites: Everything else! It seriously depends on her mood if she will even try something that isn't listed above. 
  8. Nicknames: Allybug. She's never going to grow out of that one. 
  9. Things we’re looking forward to next month: Taking her to the pumpkin patch. She should like it a lot. Getting stuff ready for her 2nd birthday!! 

And her official monthly pic... standing of course. 

Look how little that dolly is!!

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  1. I love that she has to have her cheese grated! It's fun seeing their little personalities and idiosyncrasies develop.


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