Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 7 and Apples Day

I can't believe we are in the seventh week of school. Aubrey is still loving school. She is one of two people in her class that can count to 100. She can identify numbers 0-100 in random order. She can write them. We are still working on writing them nicely but she can do it. She can read. She's just growing in so many ways I can't even believe it. I look at our weekly pictures and I just can't imagine how quickly this year is going to fly by. I mean I feel like it was just the first day of school. Pretty soon full day school! YAY!! :)

Today was Apple Day! The kids were all asked to bring in an apple and they were going to be doing some fun things today. I was lucky enough to be able to help out. I love helping in her class. I love seeing how she acts.

They read a few books about apples. They graphed the apples that they brought in by color. They had their apples as a snack. They were cut open in half so you could see the star inside the apple (I forgot about that!!) They made a puppet. It was just lots of fun and exhausting. Wow being in a room with Kindergarteners is exhausting. I don't know how you teachers do it. There were two teachers and another Mom in the room too. It was just insane. I wish I had 1/2 the energy of some of those kids. WOW! I got to see just how different boys act than girls too. I cannot wait to see how Allyson and Austin act in school.

Allyson didn't like the idea of Apple Day so she wanted to erase it. Stinker!!

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