Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cloth diapers

I want to be the first one to say that I STILL cannot believe that I cloth diaper Austin. Allyson is cloth about 40% of the time. I'm working on that. I just can't jump into her stinky poop. I know, I know Austin's poop will get that way too. But it's a gradual change. 

So how did I make the switch? Funny thing is I went to Target, a Target I NEVER go to, to buy diapers and walked past an endcap thing with some Charlie Banana diapers that were 50% off. Oh they had diapers, insert, liners, cloth wipes and swim diapers. Soo cute but eww cloth diapers SO GROSS! I walked past them on to my diaper aisle and grabbed a box of diapers and put them in my cart. It hit me how much I was paying for diapers that I was going to throw away. Diapers I would need to come back here in a little over 2 weeks to buy. Spend another $35 on more diapers. That was just for Austin. Not including Ally's diapers. I walked back over to the display. 6 diapers for $50 bucks. I quickly texted my friend Allison. She's has been an incredible help to me on my cloth diaper journey.

DO IT!! Was her text.  I threw 4 boxes in my cart and was ready to begin my not so scary journey to cloth diapering. Walked down the kitchen aisle and picked up a garbage can to be my diaper pail.

That afternoon and next few days I spent time texting Allison for what in the heck to do. In between I was looking at the internet on how to start. What in the heck is prepping diapers and Why do I need to do that? A special laundry soap? Stripping diapers? It can be a lot to take in but I had Allison to help.

I started with Austin and I just love it. I don't regret doing it at all. In fact I wish that someone would have told me how easy it is, I could have been doing this with Aubrey or Allyson. Austin is still EBF so it's been a breeze doing diaper laundry. I don't even really notice the extra washes. In fact doing diaper laundry makes me happy. Crazy talk right? True story though. Since buying the Charlie Bananas I've added prefolds and flats with covers into the mix and I am actually more in love with the flats than the CB pockets. I want to talk more about that another time soon.

There you have it. My start to cloth diapering. I love it and wish I knew about it sooner.


  1. You like the laundry because it is like money in your pocket! I swear that is why I like my diaper laundry. Oh, and I would love to hear more about flats. I have some prefolds, but they are getting harder to use now that Isla wiggles around so much.

  2. so great!! Thanks for all your help!


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