Friday, September 28, 2012

8 weeks

8 Weeks of school down!  Wahoo!! 

Ally wanted to hold the board too. 

This week was Clifford the Big Red dogs birthday. He turned the big 5-0! Fifty, can you believe it? I enjoyed reading about Clifford when I was a little girl. It's fun seeing Aubrey enjoy these books now. 
The school's book fair is coming up in a few weeks and I'm excited to go with Aubrey and pick some new books out. I remember how fun book fair's were growing up. Speaking of new books, we ordered some book order books and should be getting them soon. I love reading and I'm so glad that Aubrey enjoys it too!! 


  1. I LOVED book fairs growing up!!! So much fun that we get to relive this kind of stuff through our kids!

    And Aubrey's dimples in that Clifford picture are too freaking cute.

  2. I loved Clifford!! That picture with the red ears is super cute :)


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