Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2u2 Tuesday

How old are they?

A. Austin -  5  months 
B. Allyson - 22 months 

What activities are going on this week? Helping out in Aubrey's class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Winco. Target and Costco this week/weekend. 

What challenges are we dealing with this week? Austin's sleep issues. Ugh. He has trouble sleeping in his PNP. Tummy sleeping, back sleeping, or side sleeping it doesn't work. I think him rolling around is causing him to wake up. Who knows. I feel like I can make up a thousand excuses for his crummy sleep yet I can't fix it. 

Any milestones reached this week?
A. Austin -  He's got a tooth!! Tuesday he had his first taste of avocado! Pictures to hopefully come soon. 
B. Allyson - Her words are being more clear. She's becoming quite the talker! 

How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

Likes: Seriously never a dull moment around here. Allyson is quite the little climber. She climbs and then screams for me to get her down or off of whatever. Screams.
Dislikes: It's never really quiet around here. Someone is always screaming, yelling or whining. 

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