Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2u2 Tuesday

How old are they?

A. Austin -  5  months 
B. Allyson - 22 months 

What activities are going on this week? MOPS, MOPS, MOPS starts this week. I'm excited for the new year! 

What challenges are we dealing with this week? Everyone is healthier this week. No runny noses or coughing, thank goodness! Austin is still waking up every 2 hours? 1.5 hours. It's exhausting. 

Any milestones reached this week?
A. Austin -  He's SITTING!! (I need to snap a picture of it!)

B. Allyson - Trying to talk more and more.  When I guess what she wants correctly she get sooo excited. Her little face just lights up. New word "Einstein!" 

How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

Likes: Never a dull moment around here. Always something going on. 

Dislikes: Since Austin is doing more I don't really want to miss out. So I'm getting less done around the house. I need a clone! 

my favorite pic!! My little prince 

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