Thursday, September 6, 2012

2/30 {3 fears}

Describe 3 fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. Something happening to my family. I know it's a common fear. Nobody wants anything bad to happen to our loved ones. After my traumatic birth experience with Austin, hearing that the cord was wrapped around his neck, blue and not breathing. My own problems going on. I know that Conrad feared for both our lives. I feel like my fear has heightened since then. 

2. I'm afraid of getting into a car accident. Not because of my driving but because of other people. People are so careless and crazy. People driving and trying to text. Running red lights. Speeding around people. It scares me. I drive around 3 precious little lives in my van and I drive carefully. I leave early when I know I need to be some where so I don't have the run red lights and speed. 

3. I'm afraid to speak in front of people. Even if it's a group of people I know. I don't know where this fear actually came from. I've always hated speaking in front of people. My tummy gets in knots. A lot of the time I actually cry too. Ugh just thinking about it is giving me anxiety. 

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