Thursday, September 6, 2012

22 months

  1. How old? 22 months
  2. Doctor’s appointments?: November 5
  3. Stats:
    1. Weight:
    2. Height:
    3. Clothes size: 2T
    4. Diaper size: Size 5
    5. Hair color: Blond
    6. Anything else?
  4. Milestones:
    1. Teething: All of her teeth came in that I could see. She's started drooling again so maybe the 2 year molars?
    2. Talking: She has just started talking..finally!!
      1. New words: Daddy, Mommy, Nannie. Putting 2 words together. More please. Uppa please.
    3. Potty Training: We haven't started yet. She's not ready but we are talking about it to her. She sees Aubrey going. I'm hoping it's going to be a monkey see, monkey do kinda thing.
    4. Anything else?
  5. Things she likes:
    1. Toys: Legos
    2. Books: She loves laying and reading at night with Aubrey and I. She likes just about anything.
    3. Songs: She loves anything. If it has hand movements she likes it more. Itsy bitsy, Jesus loves the little ones.
    4. TV Shows/Movies: She LOVE the Little Einsteins.
    5. Other Activities: She loves going for walks. Swinging on the swing at the park.
  6. Things she dislikes: Not being able to watch Einsteins. Not being able to go play outside when she would like to.
  7. Sleeping: She's having her days. Last night she was up at 2,3, and 5AM. Screaming. Maybe her teeth? Nightmares? She did this a couple weeks ago.
  8. Eating: She is a really picky eater which is crazy because she used to be my good eater. She doesn't eat much through the day.
    1. Favorite Foods: Yougurt, cheese, ketchup, fish sticks and some times bananas.
    2. Not so Favorites: EVERYTHING else.
  9. Nicknames: Nothing new

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