Friday, September 14, 2012

12/30 {Day in my life}

3:05AM Austin woke up. Diaper change & feed him.

3:20 AM I go to lay him in his PNP. He's dead asleep. The second his head touches the mat he's awake. I try to shhh him. Paci & patting his back. He's awake! Smiling, kicking & talking. I'm tired so I leave him & lay down. Around 3:50 AM As cute as his sweet cooing is, I scoop him out of his bed & bring him in bed with me & he's out in minutes.

6:00AM - Allyson wakes up screaming. Since Austin's in my arms he's now up too. Diaper changes & Out to watch some Little Einsteins & nurse Austin. He's too excited to really eat.

7:00 AM Aubrey is up.

7:30 Breakfast time

7:50 Austin's ready to eat. Rush to get everyone out the door at 8:21 a little later than usually. We quickly walk to school.

8:35 bell rings hugs & kisses. Fight with Ally to get back into the stroller & we head home.

8:55AM We are home & my little man nurses to sleep. Lay him in PNP so I can start housework

Start laundry. Allyson screams like a crazy woman because I don't let her come out & start the laundry. This insanely loud screaming wakes Austin up & it's barely been 10 mins. So Big A is up & we decide to run to Target.

9:30 AM get to Target. A gift for my niece, toothpaste & dishwasher stuff is all we need. We only came out with one extra thing! Yay!

10:40 AM Savemart for broccoli.

11:20 Home put clothes in dryer. Start another load. Diaper changes for both kids. (I know I'm missing going to miss posting about diaper changes but trust me between the two. I'm always changing someone.)

12:00 Lunch for Allyson & I

12:20 Pick up Aubrey from school. Thursdays she goes to lunch in the cafeteria. Come home. Change & nurse Austin. Fold laundry. Put second load in dryer. The girls are playing nicely in the playroom. Rare!

Austin bounces in the jumper for a bit.

1:45PM Lay Ally down for a nap. She's been refusing to nap the last two days. I sing her songs say good night & walk out. Withing minutes she's screaming. I put Austin in the bumbo & start dishes.

He's having a great time with his teether & screaming away!!

2:00 I'm finished with dishes & listen at Allyson's room. She's not making noises. In praying she's asleep so I can put Austin & I down for a nap too.

3:15 My phone ring and wakes me up. Austin and Allyson are both still asleep and as much as I wanted to sleep more I got up and did another load of clothes and straighten up the house a bit. I started cutting up and prepping dinner early, tonight is Bunco Night!!

4:30 Allyson wakes up.  I'm a little scared to see what mood she wakes up in. Lucky for me she was pretty happy. We change her diaper and give her a snack so I can finish up dinner. Austin wakes up soon after. Diaper change and feed him.

4:45 Aubrey takes a shower before dinner. Aubrey puts her PJs on. She's soo independent. She's always gotten dressed by herself. But it just feels so crazy to tell her "hey go take a shower" and she does it! She's already for bed when Daddy comes home.

5:00 Dinner time! Aubrey eats broccoli Cheese Soup. I have a little bit, I know there will be some yummy food waiting at Bunco. Allyson eats yogurt. I cannot wait for the picky eating stage to end.

5:30-6:45 I give Allyson a bath and change her into a cute little night gown. I take a shower and get ready. In between all of that keeping Austin/Allyson and Aubrey happy/quiet/calm.

6:50 Get all of Austin and my stuff ready for tonight. Make sure I have the diaper bag packed. Jammies, diapers, blanket, burp cloth, toys and pacis. Time to feed the little man again.

7:15-20 Get everything in the car. Say good bye and good night to the girls. Conrad comes home. Say hello, thank you and good bye!

7:30-10:40 BUNCO!!!

Came home around 10:45. Austin had slept for a bit at Bunco. He played for a little on the floor while Conrad and I caught up.

11:15 Austin was changed,fed and in bed.

11:45 I head in to go to bed and my little guy wakes up. I try patting/shhing/all my tricks. Nothing works so I scoop of the little man to snuggle in bed.

The long night begins ...

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  1. Misery requires company...I was feeling so much better hearing that someone else battles with their toddler waking up the baby, then no naps for either! Also, Isla is the same way with wanting to sleep with us...exhausting!

    Lastly, Ally looks SO BIG in that picture in the stroller. Why is she growing up so fast?!


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