Saturday, August 18, 2012

Second week of school

Aubrey had a great second week of school. She came home with new songs they sang. Books they read. She even brought home book orders. Remember those? I loved ordering books and then getting them a few weeks later. I can't wait to turn in an order and get some new books for Aubrey. She told me that on Thursday they even went to computer class! She is just having a blast. She just wishes that it wasn't half day. Shoot, I wish it wasn't half day either!!

After school Aubrey comes home eats lunch, plays for a little bit and then it's nap time. Boy does she fall asleep quickly now!! 

Today she brought home her homework folder and they have NINE pages to do return by next Friday. Aubrey was thrilled to death when she heard that she had homework. We'll see if she's still excited about homework in a few years. 

On Wednesday or Thursday she asked if she could walk up to school by herself. I knew this day would  be here sooner or later. I agreed to not walk her to her class. I'm not the only kinder parent that still does. So we walked to school passing the crossing guards making our way to the bus drop off. Little Aubrey was like ok Mom I'll see you after school. Hugged us bye and was off. My heart sank because she's this little independent girl. Walking to class without me. She looked so teeny tiny walking up with the other kids. She walked through the gates and didn't look back. Such a big girl. I am happy to think though that Conrad and I have raised such an independent little girl. 

Picking her up is probably one of my favorite things to do. As the kids, I can't bring myself to call her a student yet, come out of the class and line up to wait for parents Aubrey always has a HUGE smile and is waving at us. Allyson is in the stroller saying Sissy Sissy! Aubrey gets dismissed and will walk quickly to us since they can't run. She wraps her arms around me. I love it. She gives Austin and Allyson hugs too. Then she will just talk about her day and what her teacher said and her friends did. Just nonstop and I really enjoy listening to everything. 

I still can't believe she's in kindergarten. 

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