Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am.

I have an amazing husband that goes to work to provide for us. He loves me so much. He is a wonderful daddy to our kids.

I'm lucky enough to stay at home with my kids. I get to watch them grow into amazing little people. I saw proof of this this week while dropping Aubrey off at Kindergarten. She's such a happy, smart, confident, and independent girl. Allyson is just a ball of cuteness & she knows it. Austin is my little cuddle bug & growing into a a big boy.
All my kids are healthy. I am healthy & Conrad is too.

I need to remember this when Mister Austin is up at all hours of the night wanting to play & I'm running on no sleep. When Allyson is throwing another fit on the floor or when Aubrey is being sassy. I am blessed. Blessed to be their Mommy.

Blessed to have my family.

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  1. I will admit, sometimes it is hard to remember that on those really stressful days. But it is always good to have a dose of perspective and remember how blessed we really are.

  2. Could you tell I was having a stressful day? lol. Austin is sleeping like garbage and throughout the day I feel like I'm being pulled and tugged into 950 directions. Someone always needs something. I needed to take a second and remember how blessed I am, even through the chaos.


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