Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Austin is 5 months

1) How old is your baby?
5 months old

2) Stats

: 19.2 pounds (at home)
Height: 26 3/4 inches
Clothing size: 12 months

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Anything else you want to add: He just keeps getting more adorable!!

3) Are they

Teething: Droolin' machine but no teeth yet.
Talking: He's definitely found his voice
Rolling: Both ways!!
Crawling: He is on his way. He pushes up on his hands. His tummy comes off of the ground. He's pushing his knees up like into the crawling position. He kinda scoots forward. It seriously won't be long before this guy is crawling!!
Sitting: He sits up ... and this slowly leans. He's getting there.
Walking: Not yet!

Anything else you want to add:

4) What they like
Toys: He loves his teether.
Books: LOVES to chew on books.
Song: Any song. Just sing to him and sometimes he'll sing back.
Anything else you want to add: Austin is just such a happy boy. Always smiling. When I come into the room he smiles the biggest smile, kicks his feet and waves his arms in excitement. Makes my heart mushy.

5) What they dislike: Doesn't like to be alone.
Ways they like to be soothed: Rocking, shh-ing, nursing, bouncing, his binky and just being with his momma
6) How are they sleeping? Ugh. He was sleeping pretty good and then something happen, I don't know what, and he's up every couple hours. It's exhausting. He'll wake up and go back to sleep but by 4-5 AM he either ends up in bed with us, or sleeping on the couch with me. He sleeps much better cuddled up with mama.
7) How are they feeding? He's still EBF and eating on demand. We are probably going to start solids next month. I'm pretty excited to make his food too!!

8) Nicknames – Buddy, Bubbas, AJ, monkey man, monkey 
9) What are you looking forward to the next month? Watching him grow. He's so close to sitting on his own. Close to crawling. He's just changing before my eyes.

10) How are you handling Motherhood?
Likes: I love watching him grow. Seeing who this guy is turning into. Seeing the ways he's like Conrad, like me, and like his sisters. So fun!
Dislikes: Lack of sleep!!  

Monthly Pic: 

Look at him showing off his standing skills

Thanks Angie for doing this survey and letting me copy it. I love having all of this in one place and not having to think of it every month. 


  1. You're welcome! I can't believe how quick these guys are growing up!

  2. It's going by sooo fast!! I can't wait to see Sam's 5 month post!

  3. he is a big boy. My 9month old weighs 17lbs and 27in tall.


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