Monday, August 13, 2012

Aubrey's First Day of Kindergarten

Tuesday was the first day of school. Aubrey and I both have counted down to this day. She has been soooo excited for weeks. I've been a mix of emotions. Some days I was happy at the thought of her getting out of the house. Other days sad at the thought of her being gone during the morning. I was sad at the the things I would miss out on in her little life. The funny and cute things she says. Anyway I wasn't sure how  I would be on Tuesday morning. 

Monday night we read a new book The Night Before Kindergarten, super duper cute!! 

My mom also sent Aubrey a card in the mail wishing her good luck. Boy did Nannie do a good job picking out a Hello Kitty card. 

Tuesday morning came and Aubrey was so ready!! 

She is IN LOVE with her darn backpack. We came out to take pictures and and she wanted to hold it instead of wear it on her back. 

Sitting at her table 

Time to go pick up sister from kindergarten! 

She had a great time. She wouldn't tell me what she did. I had to pry it out of her which was different. She kept saying ummm I don't remember! Throughout the afternoon and evening she would say more little things about her day. 


  1. I've been waiting for a kinderdargen a good blog stalker! The matching shoes and backpack = too cute. I can only imagine the mixed emotions of sending your baby off to school. You are a great mom. You even got her a special book for the night before school! Go you!

  2. I'm so mad because I did it that next day and then I guess got side tracked and never posted it. Thanks for the compliment. I really needed to hear it :)

    oh and this book is so stinkin cute. It's like the Night Before Christmas but this is the Night before Kindergarten ... it's so darn cute.


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