Friday, August 3, 2012

Afternoon adventures at the Mall with Aubrey

I can't believe today is Friday and that Aubrey is starting school on Tuesday. This is just insane guys. I have a kindergartner. She's getting too big. 

We went to the mall to Aubrey's haircut for free at JC Pennys. During the month of August they are offering free haircuts for school age kids K-6. Score!! I decided to make a fun little afternoon of this. My mom watched Allyson while Tess and I took Aubrey & Austin to the mall. 

Here  Aubrey is before her hair cut.

Isn't she just adorable?!? 

We went to Bath and Body Works and got some of the little hand sanitizers to put on Aubrey's backpack. She was so funny picking out scents. She probably smelled each one and said Mom, Mom  you gotta smell this one. Every time! She picked out some really yummy scents.

We had to make a pit stop to nurse Austin and we walked past the gum and I thought this would make her day. Yea she had more fun putting the quarter in and taking the gum out and chewing it. I think she had it in her mouth for 2.5 seconds before asking if she could spit it out.

Usually whenever we go to the mall Aubrey asks if we could go to the Disney Store. This time she saw the Hello Kitty Store and asked if we could go there. Of course!! She's been into Hello Kitty for awhile. She's seen it in store and we've just never bought her anything HK not for any real reason. When we did our school shopping I let her buy the Hello Kitty backpack and she's been carrying that thing all over the house. So she was in heaven in the store. We bought a few pencils to take to school. She couldn't wait to get home and sharpen them.

Mommy and her baby :)

Make a wish! 

Such a good boy the whole time

As we were leaving she begged to ride the stupid Clifford dog. I really hate paying for the kids to ride this dumb things but she really wanted to and I was trying to make it a special afternoon so I paid the .75 cent. Umm I thought these were a quarter?? 

She had a really great time and so did I. It was a lot of fun just to be around her without worrying about Allyson. AJ was a piece of cake. He just was happy to sit in the stroller and stare at everything.

 I asked her what he favorite part of the afternoon was and she said All of it Mom!!



  1. "All of it Mommy" Talk about melt your heart! I can never get over how stinking adorable Aubrey is. Seriously.

  2. My heart was a big puddle of mush. It was just the sweetest thing.


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