Friday, August 31, 2012

10 o'clock rambles

1. I'm so excited for this weekend even though we have no plans.

2. I'm an awful mom. I realized I dont have any pictures up of Austin up in the house. Its not bc of lack of pictures. Going to change that!!

3. Conrad is watching a scary movie & I'm waaaayyyy to chicken to watch. I used to live scary movies. Just listening to it creeps me out.

4. I've been cloth diapering Austin for a few months now & I freakin love it. I never ever seriously imagined myself loving it. His bottom just looks so cute in them.

5. We have cable again after 2 years of going without. Oh man it's easy to get sucked into watching something stupid.

6. We just finished up week 4 of school & Aubrey loves it. Loves her teacher, her new friends, homework & just loves going. It's such a comfort knowing she's happy there. Happy away from mama. I hope that she always has a love for learning.

7. I can't believe tomorrow is September 1st. That means Allyson's birthday is just 2 months away.

8. I can't wait to light yummy fall scented candles & have the windows open & enjoying a nice fall breeze.

9. I need to cut out some caffeine to see if that's what causing Austin to wake up so often. I don't want to!!!

10. I can't wait fit the new season of New Girl to start. I love that show. It's hilarious!!

Well Conrad's movie is still on. Time for a nice shower & the bed time for this momma!

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  1. I too used to love scary movies and now avoid them like the plague! And good luck with the cutting out of caffeine. I would have a very hard time doing such!


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