Monday, July 16, 2012

Tea Parties

Aubrey went to Princess Tea Party / Swim birthday party on Saturday

She went as Princess Aurora or Briar Rose (depends on when you ask her)

She asked if I could put some makeup on her since she was a princess. I couldn't say no to that! 

Sunday she asked if we could have our own tea party. I was pretty excited to get out a teapot and some teacups. I was informed that at the birthday party they had apple juice and grape juice instead of tea. They also had heart shaped PB&Js at the party and she wanted me to make those too. We had literally just finished eating lunch when she wanted to have a tea party. Instead of heart shaped PB&Js we enjoyed some goldfish. 

I remember when I bought this teacup and its matching teapot. I bought it when Conrad and I were first married. I had hoped that one day I would have a little girl and we could have tea parties. Here I am years later and having my first tea party with Aubrey. She was dressed as Snow White today. She looked so grown up. Where is my little squishy Aubrey I brought home five years ago?

Allyson was napping during our party but I can't wait for our next party and maybe we will let Ally join us.

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