Monday, July 30, 2012

Splish Splash!!

Friday we headed to a waterpark/pool. I thought the kids would like that. Boy, was I wrong!! 
We got there and Allyson was so mad that she had to wear her bathing suit. She was trying to hard to take it off. 

Here she is crying in the grass.

My mom and sisters came along too. There was a big picnic area with tables. There was a grassy area to set a  blanket and chair out and have a picnic lunch. It was really cool.

This place has this really neat water play area. My girls love splashing in the bath so we thought this was going to be a blast. Both girls HATED the play area and wanted to just go in the pool. Seriously girls?? We could have gone swimming at Papa and Nana's. Allyson was just as happy as can be in the pool.

 They had a snack bar and the girls got Otterpops. Allyson wanted nothing to do with it. She's so crazy with the things that she likes and doesn't like.

Playing in the water area but not ON the cool equipment

My little stud muffin!!

We had a lot of fun in the pool but won't be going back there again until next year. Hopefully by then the girls will actually enjoy the play structure. 

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