Sunday, July 29, 2012

School Shopping

The time has come to go school shopping. YAY!!!

When I  think of back to school shopping I always think of this Staples commercial with the dad super happy and the kids slowly walking down the aisle behind him.

This year wasn't like that. Aubrey was probably more excited than I was.

Backpack, water bottle, and all the paper stuff. Crayons, markers and pencils. I love all of that kind of stuff. Clothes for munchkin too. Shirts, shorts, and shoes. We didn't have a class list of stuff to buy but we did pretty good. I'm sure Aubrey won't mind going back and shopping for more school stuff. We had so much fun on Thursday shopping until we dropped. We did a lot of shopping that day. Target for supplies, and then the mall for clothes. We went with my Mom and sisters so we spent a lot of time at the mall.

Aubrey showing off her new backpack

Allyson being her goofy self

Ally did pretty well. Austin slept for most of the time only waking up to eat. He'd look around for a bit and then doze off. Typical guy :) I can't wait to see little Miss Aubrey to put all this school stuff to use.


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