Monday, July 30, 2012

Jelly Belly Factory

Last Wednesday we headed to the Jelly Belly Factory for a tour. We had to start our trip off with some yummy Starbucks. Aubrey enjoyed a yummy chocolate muffin and a chocolate milk with whip cream. 

Nannie and Allyson.
Austin just chilling before our drive s
About half way to Fairfield Allyson fell asleep. She never falls asleep in the car but it's now becoming more common.  I swear in the last month she's fallen asleep in the car 3 or 4 times. The funny thing about this time is it wasn't even near her nap time. She was trying so hard to keep her eyes open, poor girl.
The big girls
When we got to Jelly Belly my little guy needed to be fed so I said down in the cafe and pretty much missed the whole tour. Pictures weren't allowed in the factory part so I just heard about it. Kinda a bummer.

Aubrey had a great time trying all the Jelly Bellys. She got to pick out a few and she also picked out a cute little jelly belly key chain.
She saw a blue pencil and she asked if she could buy it so she could take it to school. I had to let her get it, I couldn't resist.
Look how happy it made her!!

Allyson thought it was hilarious to run away from it. She'd get close and turn and run.

Playing with her shadow

Being goofy on the  way home!!

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