Friday, July 20, 2012

Giving Blood

I've always wanted to donate blood but have been too much of a chicken. For whatever reason the needle freaks me out. It just sitting in your arm. Ugh just thinking about it now makes me shiver. Since being in the hospital and being poked 50 times a day, I think it cured my fears of the huge needle.

On Wednesday my Mom said she was going to go donate and I asked if I could go with her. My Mom goes all the time. Conrad donates all the time too. One of those mobile blood banks comes to his work every so often and he always signs up. Anyway my Mom said that they have a playroom for the kids to play in and I was sold! My sister came along and helped watch the girls.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It did hurt like a beast. My mom and I started at almost the same time and my mom finished in no time at all. I took her picture right after she started and in a blink she was finished. The nurse told me that some people it only takes a 5-10 minutes and other people it could be up to 20 minutes and I was more on the 20 minute side. Lucky me, more time with that needle just sitting in my arm. *shudder* but I survived.

Here I am donating, YAY!!

Aubrey had held up a sign that said Go Mom in magnets. So sweet!

Enjoying some cookies with my little sweetie

And here is my adorable Austin James!! What a freakin' stud huh?

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