Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking the Virginia Trail

So it seems like they took 950 years to finish building the overpass. It probably feels like that long because EVERY time we drove by Aubrey asked if we could walk over it when it was finished being built. My mom actually promised Aubrey she'd take her. Today was finally the day to walk it and she had to bring her new horsey friend, Girlie. 

Walking the bridge was great. Aubrey thought it was so cool to wave at the cars passing underneath. People actually waved back. Totally made my little girls day! Allyson liked running along the path. Getting her in the car...not so much fun.

Later on, like an hour later, we went to the store and Allyson fell asleep in the car. This never ever ever happens. Even when we drove to Arizona she was up for like 2 hours past her bedtime and nap time. When we went to the store it wasn't even her nap time yet. The car stopped and she stayed asleep. Of course I took a picture and then woke up Sleeping Beauty. She was in a good mood when I woke her up and she even took her normal nap. SCORE times 2!

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