Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweets birthday Party

This year Aubrey had a Sweets birthday party. I've been holding out on Aubrey, making her wait until she was five to have gum. I haven't wanted to deal with gum in hair or in the carpet. I know that all of this can still happen but I could only hold out for so long. 

Since we were having a sweets party it wouldn't be complete without a pinata filled with candy

Allyson had a lot of fun beating the cute little cupcake.

Go Aubs!! 


Watermelon gum!! 

Austin slept for most of the party. Nannie had no problems snuggling with the little guy.

Aubrey's cupcake decorate with candy. 
I didn't see but Conrad said she took a bite and all she bite into was all the candy on top. 

Papa and Nana 

Nannie and Aubs 

Amma and the birthday babe

Oh sweet Aubrey how you have changed my life and in such a wonderful way.
 I LOVE being your mom through the good and the bad. 
You are such a perfect fit into our family. 
I am cherishing our last few months together until you go off to kindergarten and start a whole new journey in your life.
I love you forever Aubrey Breanne!! 

Austin woke up to take a picture with his buddy Seth Ryder. Aren't they adorable?!?!


  1. What a cute party. I always love how you decorate your hearth.

  2. Cute little family you've got! And I love all the party decorations.

  3. Thanks girlies! I love celebrating birthdays and decorating for parties. We were never big on doing it growing up but Conrad's family was. It's a lot of fun to do. The girls get so excited seeing the decorations up. and they are usually left up for waaayyy too long :)


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