Friday, June 22, 2012

iphone photo dump {11}

Sheesh I have so many pictures on my stinkin' phone. I went to take a picture today and my phone said that I don't have enough storage space. Ugh seriously? Yea 1408 pictures on my phone. Come on Heidi!

Birthday breakfast of champions. Pancakes with Syrup and whip cream. Of course she had chocolate milk with whip cream too.

Checked the mail and was so excited she got a birthday card from Auntie and Katiya with a $1 inside.

On Aubrey's birthday is was crazy rainy (um hello it's June what the heck?!) I had promised Aubrey we were going to do a few errands, one being go to Target. That was an adventure. Luckily it slowed to a light sprinkle. Allyson was making the funniest faces as the sprinkles hit her face.

CUTE nightgowns from Auntie Tina! Thanks we love them!!

LOVING playing in the sea of balloons.

nice hair Allyson

Getting ready for his first swim

Who took an almost 3 hour nap after swimming?? 

This girl:

Mommy and Austin at Auntie Tess' swim meet. Go Tessie!! I'm proud of you

Cloth diaper - oh yea! 

Yummy Father's Day lunch

Another week down. 
We missed going to the library last week

Felt juice boxes I made for a felt food exchange

Strawberry (looks like a jalapeno doesn't it?) Orange, apple and grape

tummy time 

Yummy chocolate Papa and Nana brought back 

Papa and Nana brought Aubrey back an umbrella and she loves it. 

Wasn't too happy to be out in the heat 

This is how Allyson plays at swim day. Give her a bucket full of water, a measuring cup and some food and she's good to go. 

Aubrey enjoying the pool 

Wonder what he's thinking about

Alright time to get these pictures of my phone to make room for more new ones!

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