Sunday, June 10, 2012


Another thing my big FIVE year old got to do was get her ears pierced. Such an exciting birthday this was. On Sunday Aubrey, Austin and I headed to the mall to get her ears pierced. She has been so excited to do. We get to Claire's and she's just asking the lady a million questions. What's that? What are you going to do with that? Do I get to sit in that chair? Will it hurt? Seriously this girl asked every question in the book. She was doing great. Then it was time to get in the chair and her happy tune changed. She was saying that she was nervous. 

The woman marked dots on her ears and that's when freak out mode started. She started to say that she didn't want her ears pierced. She didn't want earrings. She just wanted to go get Starbucks. (that was something special I told her we could do afterwards.) The lady asked if she wanted to sit on my lap. Aubrey didn't want to sit on my lap but I thought it might help and plus I could hold her down if needed. 

The lady got the ear piercing gun thing ready and 1-2-3 her right side was pierced. No tears, no screaming ..NOTHING. Time to do the other ear and she did great. She hopped off the chair like nothing happen. I was so relieved she let us pierce her other ear. She was so cute. The rest of the day she told EVERY one we came into contact with that she got her ears pierced on Sunday for her birthday. 

Finally enjoying her Starbucks. 
My baby was such a big girl and asked if she could order her drink for herself and she did too!! 


  1. Yea Aubrey!!! Such an adorable girl...I always love her big smiles in all the pictures.


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