Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aubrey is FIVE

I cannot believe she's five years old! 

I remember what a long day of labor that was but seeing her sweet little face at 11:18pm on June 4th made it all worth it. She's grown into a wonderful little girl. 

Birthday card from Gigi with FIVE dollars in it. 

I've told Aubrey for as long as we can remember that when she turns five she could chew gum and get her ears pierced (we will be doing that this weekend) What better gum to chew for the first time than Bubble Yum!! 

Giant piece of gum in her teeny mouth

We had the whole what we don't do with gum talk and so she goes into the play room and plays. About a half hour later she comes into me and asks "So what do we do with gum?" I told her again that we chew it and when we are done we throw it away. Her poor face ... "that's it?!" She had waited so many years for this day and that was it! It was too funny. 

Birthday brownie! 

I love all my kiddos



  1. Such a cute last picture of all your kiddos. And I love Aubrey's "that's it?" Yeah, gum really isn't that exciting.

  2. Aubrey- Hope you had a wonderful birthday


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