Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2u2 Tuesday

How old are they?

A. Austin - 2 months and 4 weeks 
B. Allyson - 19 months 

What activities are going on this week? The usual grocery store and the library. Maybe a few other fun things planned. 

What challenges are we dealing with this week? Just my drool monster of a daughter. Poor thing it must hit her bad after lunch. No amount of medicine helps. These teeth need to come in. They are looking like it might be soon but who knows. 

I wouldn't say that this is a challenge but I started cloth diapering Austin over the weekend. Totally random. Never thought I would do it.  I love it so far. I am planning to post on that soon. 

Any milestones reached this week?

A. Austin -  He's ticklish now!! It's so much fun. He laughs when you do it. I LOVE IT. 

B. Allyson - Nothing major 

How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

Likes: It never gets old watching Allyson give him kisses. She gets jealous when Aubrey holds him. She puts her hand to her chest and pats and whines because she wants to hold him. I love seeing the love between my kids. 

Dislikes: Not really having any alone or me time until after bedtime when I'm ready to just go to sleep. 

On our way to go swimming! 

Cool kid

Nom nom nom 

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