Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2u2 Tuesday

How old are they?

A. Austin - 10 weeks 

B. Allyson - 18 months 

What activities are going on this week? Doctor's appointment for Allyson. It means we will miss story time :(  Just some random errands and what not to prepare for Aubrey's party! 

What challenges are we dealing with this week? Aubrey has taught Allyson some not so nice things. Allyson now thinks it's ok to hit herself and laugh. Lick people and things...library books..gag!  

Any milestones reached this week?

A. Austin - Nothing major

B. Allyson - She's using her words a little more. 

How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

Likes: Seeing my little Allyson grow in her role as a big sister. She's loving "helping" by getting a diaper and wipes. Such a little mommy. 

Dislikes: Taking them out in rainy weather. Ugh what on earth was I thinking?? I had somethings that I had to do yesterday and some things that I wanted to do since it was Aubrey's birthday. Ugh that rain killed me. We will not be doing that again anytime soon.  


Cool guy trying on his shades 

Waiting for shots at his appointment :( 

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