Friday, June 29, 2012

iPhone photo dump {12}

I went to wake little miss Aubrey up from her nap & this is how I found her sleeping. Usually she's against the wall!

Kaylee & Aubrey wearing disguises

Eeeww hands.

Our felt food came & both firms really enjoy playing with it.

Yea buddy!

Poor girl has been tugging her ear. Took her to the DR & she's good. Her throat is red but her swab came back negative for strep

Of course a sucker after the DR visit.

At Hobby Lobby buying beads for our Quiet Book exchange. Austin is excited

That's a 12 month onesie on my THREE month old. Slow down Austin.

My little barista.
I made her a donut & coffee :)

Sleeping in the Moby.

We decided to play disguises too!!

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in Target!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2u2 Tuesday

How old are they?

A. Austin -3 months 

B. Allyson - 19 months 

What activities are going on this week? We were suppose to go to a fun house place today but they are closed on Tuesdays. Boo!! Nothing really going on this week. 

What challenges are we dealing with this week? Allyson was sick over the weekend. Yesterday and today she's getting back to her usual self. She's getting whinier quicker than usual. 

Any milestones reached this week?

A. Austin - He is playing more with his toys and sucking on his hand like it is the best thing ever!! 

B. Allyson - One of her teeth finally popped through on her bottom right side. Thank you God. Now just 3 more to pop through so we can have a break from teething. 

How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

Likes: It's getting easier to do things, slowly but surely

Dislikes: Having a sick 19 month old that just wants to be held and cuddled isn't easy to do when I have to nurse and hold my 3 month old. Having Allyson be sick was definitely challenging. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking the Virginia Trail

So it seems like they took 950 years to finish building the overpass. It probably feels like that long because EVERY time we drove by Aubrey asked if we could walk over it when it was finished being built. My mom actually promised Aubrey she'd take her. Today was finally the day to walk it and she had to bring her new horsey friend, Girlie. 

Walking the bridge was great. Aubrey thought it was so cool to wave at the cars passing underneath. People actually waved back. Totally made my little girls day! Allyson liked running along the path. Getting her in the car...not so much fun.

Later on, like an hour later, we went to the store and Allyson fell asleep in the car. This never ever ever happens. Even when we drove to Arizona she was up for like 2 hours past her bedtime and nap time. When we went to the store it wasn't even her nap time yet. The car stopped and she stayed asleep. Of course I took a picture and then woke up Sleeping Beauty. She was in a good mood when I woke her up and she even took her normal nap. SCORE times 2!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Austin's 3 months

1) How old is your baby? 3 months old

2) Stats

: 16 pounds 6 ounces
Clothing size: 6-9month

Diaper size: Size 2 but we recently switched over to cloth diapers
Hair: Blondish brown
Eyes: bright blue
Anything else you want to add:

3) Are they

Teething: He's been drooling like crazy but I don't see anything.
Talking: Coos, little giggles and laughs
Rolling: Thiiiss close to rolling
Crawling: Nope
Walking: No way!

4) What they like

Toys: Just today he was really holding a toy and sucking on it.
Books: We don't read to him but he gets to enjoy books with sissys
Song: Anything you sing him brings a smile to his face
Anything else you want to add:

5) What they dislike: He's a pretty easy going little guy. Not much he doesn't like.
Ways they like to be soothed: Cuddled by momma, shh-ed, patted, nursed
6) How are they sleeping? Fantastic for the most part!  We have some nights where he's up a couple times. He's usually asleep by 9:30/10PM and wakes around 4/4:30AM. He'll nurse and then back to sleep until about 7 ish.
7) How are they feeding? He eats like a champ.

8) Nicknames – Buddy, Little guy, Monkeyman, AJ (in texts to Conrad) Brother, Tin-tin
9) What are you looking forward to the next month? More interaction with us. He just love love loves watching his sisters.

10) How are you handling Motherhood?

Likes: Loving watching him grow. It's hard to believe he was a little squish not too long ago. Love seeing the kids together. The ways they look alike and are different.
Dislikes: Just being tired and needing to clone myself! 

Monthly Pic: 

iphone photo dump {11}

Sheesh I have so many pictures on my stinkin' phone. I went to take a picture today and my phone said that I don't have enough storage space. Ugh seriously? Yea 1408 pictures on my phone. Come on Heidi!

Birthday breakfast of champions. Pancakes with Syrup and whip cream. Of course she had chocolate milk with whip cream too.

Checked the mail and was so excited she got a birthday card from Auntie and Katiya with a $1 inside.

On Aubrey's birthday is was crazy rainy (um hello it's June what the heck?!) I had promised Aubrey we were going to do a few errands, one being go to Target. That was an adventure. Luckily it slowed to a light sprinkle. Allyson was making the funniest faces as the sprinkles hit her face.

CUTE nightgowns from Auntie Tina! Thanks we love them!!

LOVING playing in the sea of balloons.

nice hair Allyson

Getting ready for his first swim

Who took an almost 3 hour nap after swimming?? 

This girl:

Mommy and Austin at Auntie Tess' swim meet. Go Tessie!! I'm proud of you

Cloth diaper - oh yea! 

Yummy Father's Day lunch

Another week down. 
We missed going to the library last week

Felt juice boxes I made for a felt food exchange

Strawberry (looks like a jalapeno doesn't it?) Orange, apple and grape

tummy time 

Yummy chocolate Papa and Nana brought back 

Papa and Nana brought Aubrey back an umbrella and she loves it. 

Wasn't too happy to be out in the heat 

This is how Allyson plays at swim day. Give her a bucket full of water, a measuring cup and some food and she's good to go. 

Aubrey enjoying the pool 

Wonder what he's thinking about

Alright time to get these pictures of my phone to make room for more new ones!