Thursday, May 31, 2012

Story Time at the library

We attempted the library again today. We actually got our butts out of the house early and were able to hang out before Story time. I took Allyson out of the stroller and she was gone. She had a great time pulling the books off the shelf. Sorry library staff!

Aubrey jumped right in and started reading a book. 
She's getting so good at sounding out words. I'm so incredibly proud of her. During story time they mentioned the Summer Reading program and Aubrey was so excited to sign up for it. 20 minutes of reading a day. Piece of cake. We read a lot any way. 

Little miss needs her bangs cut AGAIN

Allyson really enjoyed the Wiggle Worms. She danced and kept coming over and giving Aubrey and I kisses. She'd shake her hips and clap her hands. She wasn't too into sitting and listening to the book. It's a good thing the books are short. 

Austin was a good little guy and slept through the whole library visit. 

After the program the kids get their hands stamped. I forgot how much joy that brings kids. Aubrey thought it was the coolest. As a bonus it was a dinosaur, even better.

Allyson wasn't too sure what in the world just happen to her. 
I tried to get a picture of them showing me their stamps. Allyson could get over this thing on her arm. She sat there and wiped it for 5 minutes. And of course my Aubrey is cheesin' it up for me. Gosh I love her!

Oh and Aubrey got her very own library card. She was hilarious. She thinks she's hot stuff having her very own card. She asked the lady "So do I give you my card now or later?" 
We stopped off at the store afterwards and was so excited to take it in and show people. 

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  1. Aww, Aubrey always melts my heart! I love the whole library card thing. And Ally with trying to get the stamp off her hand, too funny. I'm impressed with you going to story time with all three kids. I did it with just my two once and felt overwhelmed. Maybe its time for me to try it again.


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